Troubleshooter Online

You may have caught our popular automotive column, Troubleshooter in the Friday edition of the Ottawa Citizen and through this media we hope to reach more car owners who need answers on maintenance, repairs, warranty issues, and how to get the most out of their driving dollar.

Here’s a do-it-yourself tip of the day.  With the humid summer we’ve had lately, a lot of drivers have been welcomed into their favourite set of wheels by a dreadful musty odour coming out of the HVAC vents.  This is caused by mold and mildew buildup on the vehicle’s air-conditioning evaporator core under the dash.  While many repair shops offer a deodorizing service, you can save yourself time and money with a little warmth.  Simply set the HVAC controls to the high heat setting and turn the fan switch to a mid-level setting.  Crack the windows, loosen your tie and complete your normal commute to work.  If possible and safe to do so, leave the windows cracked open a bit when the vehicle is parked at home or at work.  The heat from the HVAC system will rob the mold and mildew of the mositure they need to thrive and after one or two days of hot driving, the odour should be eliminated.